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United Nations Development Programme & Climate Change Adaptation - A Quarterly Update of Activities - Issue 9

The bulletin provides the latest information on UNDP's support to countries on Climate Change Adaptation at the national, sub-national and community-level. It includes updates on a range of topics including the status of ongoing projects, new project approvals, performance indicators, project impacts and results, policy and mainstreaming work, and noteworthy announcements.

1st Quarter 2010 PACC Newsletter: Building Resilience to Climate Change

This issue covers the PACC project and also on the IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management) project. Related water activities are also highlighted and likewise climate change related events.  Also inside this issue, a seasonal outlook for Tuvalu from May to July 2010 is also examined. Events such as the King Tide Festival, World Water Day and Compost Toilet Road Show are also mentioned, with the intention of raising the awareness of climate change throughout Tuvalu.  Some statistical facts on water is briefly mentioned at the end of the newsletter. 

WHO: Health and Climate Adaptation Bulletin

This second bulletin outlines some of the initiatives and major progresses made by seven countries to protect health from climate change, under the joint WHO/UNDP/GEF project titled: "Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Global Health".  The newsletter also mentions specifically the health projects discussed at the conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) in Bangladesh, emphasising how the local communities and formal health sectors can work together to protect vulnerable people from the health risks that come with climate change.  Members of the project team in Fiji

New Directions in Adaptation Measurement and Monitoring Research

The monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of adaptation, is an emerging area of interest, both in climate change negotiations and also for countries and organisations seeking to address climate change and development in Africa.  While there have been significant efforts and progress made towards monitoring and evaluating mitigation dimensions of climate change, the progress has been lacking in the measurement of adaptation.  Internationally, there are a number of initiatives seeking to address the M&E and measurement of climate change adaptation.  Funding for adaptation is not simply a cl

Africa-­Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network: July 2011 Newsletter

Africa-­Asia Drought Risk Peer Assistance Network (AADP) is a network established under the Africa-­Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Project. The project is designed to mitigate the risks of drought and improve human livelihoods in Africa and Asia by creating an enabling environment for inter-­regional knowledge sharing among drought-­prone countries and facilitating the up-­scaling of proven drought risk management (DRM) practices.